Optimize your business and relationship with China

Do you find it difficult to communicate clearly with the Chinese ?
Have you never felt misunderstood, or not sure to catch precisely the intents of your Chinese interlocutors?
Is your strategy leading you to results beneath your expectations?

Anding Company’s advices allow you to anticipate, decode, and unlock such situations, thus enabling a perennial and optimal development of your relationship with the Chinese.

We will work together focusing on the objectives to reach, in a way fit to the culture of your company, to its methodology, and budget.
To achieve this, our services are jointly defined in a contractual frame, per hour, day, or on a fixed- price basis.

Our objective is Yours!

  • Our mission: Advise and support you in characterizing and putting your sales, marketing growth and communication plans into operation
  • Our commitment: Give you full benefit of our know-how and experience in the field
  • Our strength: A bicultural and bilateral network of experts, guaranteing flexibility and responsiveness
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